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What is pensions automatic enrolment?


Put simply, it is

the requirement for employers to automatically join (enrol) all of their employees who fit the eligibility into a pension scheme which the employer must provide.

Every employer has been given a Staging Date. This is the date from which automatic enrolment affects you. From this date you must:

  • have checked to see if any of your workers fit the eligibility for joining help

  • have set up a qualifying workplace pension scheme (if you have eligible workers) help

  • join (enrol) your eligible workers within three months and pay a minimum level of contributions for them help

  • write to every worker telling them about how they are affected within six weeks

  • continue to pay contributions for all employees who remain in the pension scheme each time you pay them and join new employees or any that become eligible.

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When will it affect you?


All employers will be affected by mid-2018. Businesses set up prior to October 2012 should have dealt with it. Newer employers will have a date between now and mid-2018. Staging dates are given out by the Pensions Regulator and are based on your PAYE reference. Find your date here. You will need your PAYE reference number.


Make sure that you are ready for your staging date - if you don't do what you need to you could be fined - at least £400 and possibly a lot more.


The Pensions Regulator will write to you a year before your date, then again several times as you get closer. You need to nominate a contact for them when they first write to you.


The earlier you plan for it, the easier it will be. But don't worry if you're close to (or a little way past) your staging date, we can help you to comply in just a few days.

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How we help you


Through our AE delivered service we will soothe your auto-enrolment headache.  For a fixed fee from £475, we will:

  • provide a 'Quick Reference Guide' to auto-enrolment. We include a project plan and suggested timeline to help you to plan. There is no charge for this Guide - download yours here

  • show you how you will be affected, including the cost of paying contributions. If you already have a pension scheme in place we can review this and tell you if it can be used for auto-enrolment help

  • help you to agree the basis for your qualifying workplace pension scheme help

  • provide details of suitable pension schemes so that you can make an informed decision; and help you to sign up to your chosen pension provider

  • help you to make sure you have the necessary payroll processes in place help

  • provide anouncements and the necessary statutory communications for your workers help

  • help you to inform the Pensions Regulator what you have done to comply with your duties help

  • provide an Employer Process Guide to help you to deal with the ongoing duties once you have passed your staging date

We will do all of this for you for a fixed fee of £475.

(the fee may be a little higher if you are within a month of your staging date or if you have an existing pension scheme in place)


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